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Take a look at the percentages* below. If they don’t concern you, then we invite you to quickly wake up to the cold, hard facts of what the future holds. Let us teach you about the challenges your workforce may soon face, and how we can help you overcome them. Assuming that your skilled, professional workforce will remain mostly immune to the coming changes in the the world works could be a fatal mistake. And it’s not just about the robots – changes in life sciences that are impacting our life spans and energy levels later life, and nuances in global communications are but two of many ways ALL of our lives will change in the coming decades. 

Without a perpetual focus on remaining relevant as the world changes at an increasing rate,

even today’s most skilled companies could become obsolete. 


Number of US jobs possibly at risk of computerization over the next 20 years.


Percentage of American jobs at high risk of robot takeover.


Percentage of US jobs facing medium level of risk of computerization.


Percentage increase in robots at Foxconn facilities between 2011 and 2012.

* From Chapter 1 – Here Come the Robots in Industries of the Future by Alex Ross (2016). 

“Productivity is at record levels, innovation has never been faster, and yet at the same time, we have a falling median income and we have fewer jobs. People are falling behind because technology is advancing so fast and our skills and our organizations aren’t keeping up.”

– Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Professor MIT Sloan School of Management, Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.


As technology increasingly changes the way we work and collaborate, it’s becoming more challenging to know how to communicate and when, and to prevent our inter-personal skills from deteriorating. As a result, it’s effective communication skills that will differentiate successful leaders and organizations of the future from those that won’t be able to remain relevant. We partner with organizations of all sizes and seek to start by optimizing the three drivers that most impact effective communications – technologies, generational differences, and culture – at individual, team, and organizational levels. 


Organizations that foster coaching cultures are best poised to meet challenges of the future. Why? Because more than ever in the past, effective professional relationships will create the kinds of collaborative environments that will thrive in the economy of the future. And most leaders and their high potential team members will get there much faster through one-on-one or group coaching.

As International Coach Federation (ICF) certified coaches with numerous additional credentials under our belt, we have the experience and insights needed to help coach your leaders and teams to perpetually relevant and effective futures.


Professional assessments are an excellent way of identifying how well your leaders and high potentials are performing in a range of relevant areas. Your organization is probably already using one or many of them – maybe Hogan, MBTI, EQ-i 2.0, DiSC, or any number of others.

In addition to being highly effective tools in general, assessments are also ideal for measuring the extent to which your leaders and teams are future-proofing themselves and their organizations. Our team is certified to administer a number of assessments, including Hogan and EQ’-i 2.0, and is ready to deploy one or more  as stand-alone tools, or as supplements other services.


Global innovation is already forcing organizations to implement and adapt to changes at a faster rate than ever before. And the rate and scope of change is only going to move faster from now on.

To help our clients weave their way through the challenging times ahead, our consulting services focus on leading organizations through complex, strategic change. As certified and experienced Prosci change management practitioners, we’re ready to lead your organization through its own internal upgrades. We also help optimize global / virtual teams, and improve internal communication effectiveness.


Adequately training your workforce is the only way to prepare it for the future. If you’re not already proactively educating your employees on the upcoming technological changes that will impact their work, and on the shifts in communication styles that need to take place to accommodate both older and younger colleagues, and on how to effectively take cultural differences into account when interacting in the global environment, then your teams will lose a competitive advantage.

Our speaking and training focuses on preparing your workforce to be perpetually relevant, and can be delivered onsite, remotely, and for durations that best suit your needs.

We need to revise [our] assumption[s] to account for the ongoing costs of keeping our people competitive in tomorrow’s economy. We aren’t as easy to upgrade as software. 

– Alec Ross – Industries of the Future


At vbg, we believe that future-proofing employees at all levels of the organization starts with a deep dive into how the company functions in each of the three areas that have the biggest impact on interpersonal communications and collaboration. This initial analysis can then help define the direction our partnership should take to help ensure that your teams remain perpetually engaged, purposeful and relevant. 


Overlooking the influence that cultures have on our behaviors tends to be one of our greatest blindspots. Because cultural influence can be so subtle, it’s often undiagnosed as inherent personality differences – and challenges. 

At vbg, we help organizations understand how their cultural influences – national, regional and organizational – are shaping their world views. We can then distinguish cultural differences from personal differences and bridge communication gaps, resulting in deeper collaboration and connections.


We hear so much about how younger generations are ruling and changing the world that it’s easy to overlook the tremendous value, knowledge, energy, and excitement that other generations bring to the table.

At vbg, we help organizations  understand how to optimize collaboration with all generations, and how to more deeply engage generations other than the Millennials. We also focus on harnessing and disseminating the institutional knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity of Gen-X and Boomers throughout the organization.


Whether at home or at work, pretty much everyone struggles to keep up with emerging technologies and communication trends. Knowing how and when to use all of the tech and collaboration tools can be confusing and lead to a range of negative consequences.

At vbg, we help organizational leaders understand how current and future technology trends can improve their effectiveness, and how to optimize their usage from communication and collaboration perspectives. Effective virtual / global teams are often the cornerstone of these conversations and transformations. 

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