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LIFE coaching


As someone under 40, your generation has a unique way of looking at the world, and unique challenges and desires. Are you wanting to take your life to the next level but are not sure what that would look like, or how to make that happen? Maybe you lack direction, or maybe you just lack a little bit of focus and discipline. Maybe you need someone to be your champion in your career to get you to the next level, or improve your relationships at work or at home. I’m an experienced life coach who will be your biggest (and sometimes pretty tough) cheerleader to get you not just to where you think you want to be in life, but much, much further.

let’s get you…


Do you know what you want to do with your life as you move through your 20s and 30’s but life is getting in the way? Are you distracted by personal or career obligations and unclear how to focus on your passions and dreams that will get you where you want to be? I get it. Your age group and generation has a unique world view and way of looking at the future. I will help you get the focus you need to move from a state of desire to a flow of action!


Have you gone through your 20’s and 30’s on auto-pilot, without really thinking about what’s next? Whether you’ve gotten ahead in your personal life and career or not, you may be sure that your future is ridiculously bright, but uncertain what that will look like or will take to get you there. I will help you discover where your heart and mind wish to go now and in the future and help propel you there faster and better than you ever could on your own.



Men and women in their 20’s and 30’s are typically dealing with a number of significant life changes. From striving to make a mark in a career, to looking for and then settling down with a partner and starting a family, to looking for financial success and also enjoyment, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You may be trying to balance the enjoyment of being young with planning for the long-term future, and in today’s political and economic environment, that’s not easy.

I will help you discover where you’re stuck in your personal life, why, and how to unblock your strengths and passions for the short, medium and long term.

Career / Business

It’s a tough time to be in your 20’s and 30’s in the workplace. You may feel incredibly energized and excited about your future, knowing that you have more to contribute and value to add than your peers. But you may also feel like you’re not quite sure how you want to make your mark on the world and build a career that aligns with your values and personality.

I will help you discover where your best professional or vocational contributions and strengths lie, and help you get there feeling even more empowered than ever before. Feeling stuck or confused? Let me help you!


Confidentiality & Ethics

As an ICF certified coach, I understand and uphold the ICF Code of Ethics in all of our coaching relationships. This includes providing all clients with information on how to contact ICF if there is ever a perception that coaching ethics have been compromised.

Confidentiality is core to what I do. The content of any and all coaching conversations and tools are strictly confidential. Unless legally required by law enforcement officials to share coaching information under extremely rare conditions, confidentiality is non-negotiable. 

The Coaching Process

Below is the coaching process we typically engage in with clients. Although flexible and customizable, this is a tried-and-true process that works well in most cases.

  1. Hold a complimentary get-to-know-you session to assess mutual right fit
  2. Sign the coaching engagement contract and agreements
  3. Hold the client intake session
  4. Conduct assessments / personality test as needed
  5. Review the completed assessments and feedback, and define coaching goals based on those results
  6. Conduct a pre-determined number of coaching sessions
  7. Conduct goal progress and overall coaching check-ins at pre-determined milestone dates
  8. End of engagement: Measure and communicate the impact of the coaching engagement, and discuss continued coaching depending on your needs
Qualifications & Certifications

Coaching is an unregulated field, meaning that anyone can start a coaching business regardless of their experience or capabilities. It also means that pretty much anyone can hold a coaching class and hand out ” coaching certifications.” In that sense, even hiring a certified coach can be risky. 

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the coaching industry’s global gold standard for administering highly stringent certifications and also creating and upholding a very comprehensive code of ethics. Hiring an ICF certified coach gives you the peace of mind that you’re hiring a professional who has gone through a very rigorous training program. 

I am not only ICF certified, but all hold advanced coaching certifications from the College of Executive Coaching, have advanced degrees in relevant fields, hold a variety of other coaching and leadership-related certifications, and have over 20 years of leadership experience. Click here to learn more about my background. 

Prices & Fees

Although I have pricing guidelines for established coaching programs, there’s no “one size fits all” that meets all client needs. I offer a range of coaching programs depending on your needs. Please contact us or schedule a call to discuss your specific coaching goals. 

Programs & Inclusions

Coaching engagements are either 9 or 12 months, and can include either two or four coaching sessions per month. Clients are expected to make further progress by completing “homework” between sessions. Based on client needs, programs can include between-session email support, and shorter phone support calls. Coaching programs are tailored to client needs and goals.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. During the first month, cancel at any time for a full refund. No refund is issued after the initial 30 days. 


I’ve been fortunate and blessed to have lived all over the world and been very successful in my professional career (click here for more about me). I’ve been blessed to have built a life helping others become more fulfilled and “perpetually relevant” for now and their extended futures. 

Having worked with individuals and cultures all around the world, I know that at our core, no matter what country we’re from, or how old we are, or how high or low we are within our organizations or careers, we’re all just human beings making our way through life – with similar struggles, desires, and needs. 

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