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 LIFE coaching

I’m an experienced coach with over 20 years of experience working with both private and corporate clients. I have more degrees and globally respected certifications under my belt than necessary, and certainly enough to assure you that I have the skills and tools needed to do my job well. I work with my clients on a wide range of areas both personal and professional. My focus and deep expertise focuses on communications, including:


  • Developing authentic and situational communication styles
  • How to effectively communicate across all generations
  • Appropriate use of technologies for impactful communications
  • Communications for effective conflict resolution
  • Understanding the appropriate use of assertion (versus agressiveness) 
  • How to use non-verbal communications to command authority, respect, and influence
  • Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in effective communications, and increasing it
  • And much more…


A tremendous amount of global change took place between two of the largest generations on the planet: the Gen-Xers, and the Millennials. I consider Generation X the “sandwich generation” because they’re between the before-internet generation (Baby Boomers) and the digital natives (Millennials). Given how much the internet has radically changed the way most people on the planet live, and how much it has shaped our world view and ways of interacting, I work with each generation differently.

Under 40 Crowd

The under 40 crowd tends to be focused on career development, family growth and stability, financial security, and pushing physical fitness goals. What differentiates this group from their 40+ counterparts has a lot to do with their use of technology (they’re all “digital natives”) and their unique socio-economical environments growing up. I coach my clients in these younger generations taking their unique world views and personal development needs into special consideration.

40+ Crowd

Did you go through your 30’s and some of your 40’s on auto-pilot, without really thinking about what’s next, or knowing what you wanted next but didn’t know how to get there? Whether you’ve been wildly successful or not, you may be sure that your best years are ahead of you, but uncertain what will make you feel fulfilled. I will help you discover where your heart and mind will take you for this next phase of your life in ways that will make you feel more alive and empowered than ever.


I’ve been fortunate and blessed to have lived all over the world and been very successful in my professional career (click here for more about me). I’ve been blessed to have built a life helping others become more fulfilled and “perpetually relevant” for now and their extended futures. 

Having worked with individuals and cultures all around the world, I know that at our core, no matter what country we’re from, or how old we are, or how high or low we are within our organizations or careers, we’re all just human beings making our way through life – with similar struggles, desires, and needs. 

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