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Global innovations are advancing so rapidly that in just a few short years, technologies that sound like science fiction today will be an integral part of our everyday lives. Those who don’t make a continuous effort to stay relevant simply will be replaced by those who do. As people around the world continue to change the way we work and interact, the skillsets required to be successful at home and at work will continue to shift. 

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Future-proofing individuals means coaching them for improved focus and direction in all areas of life to ensure perpetual relevance,  growth and fulfillment. Although I coach in a range of personal and professional areas, my deepest expertise in around all things regarding communications. 

Those who stay one step ahead of the curve by focusing on becoming more effective and productive will dramatically increase their chances of securing long-term success. I will help you prepare for an exciting tomorrow that will be very different from today.


Future-proofing organizations focuses on ensuring that leaders and rising stars understand what separates those that will thrive in the economy of the future from those that won’t be able to keep up with the rapid pace of change and… well…become redundant. As technologies advance, there are two key differentiators that will be the one skill that eludes us more each passing year, and yet will define our future success more than ever: effective communications and emotional intelligence. Click below to learn how we can help future-proof your organization in those two areas.

Marina von Bergen, MAM, ACC

The business market is saturated with executive coaches, consultants and trainers. Selecting the most qualified individuals for your organization requires research and discernment, and can often be a confusing process. Our professional experience in all of the areas in which we work is extensive, and we invite you to learn more about our unique qualifications that make us best suited for your team.

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